Ginjo-shu is one of the most famous styles of sake. This tour will take you to Akitsu, the birthplace of ginjo-shu, and Saijo, one of Japan’s three major sake brewery regions, to learn about sake while tasting Hiroshima’s sake. The tour guide will explain about sake and sake brewing methods in Hiroshima, so you can deepen your knowledge of sake. Lunch will be served at a restaurant owned by Kamotsuru Sake Brewery, one of Saijo’s sake breweries, where you can enjoy the famous local dish “Bishu-nabe” (sake hot pot).
During the sake brewery tour, you will be given a sake stamp book so that you can keep your own memories of your sake brewery tour by picking up a representative sake label at each brewery you visit, pasting it on the book, and writing your impressions of the sake.